Westport Annals 1914


(9)Westport annals 1914 1

ID/Title: Westport Annals 1914

Date: 1914

Creator: Sisters of Mercy, Westport Convent

Description: A diary entry from the Sisters of Mercy at the Westport Convent in Co. Mayo, Ireland. The entry details the hardships that the Sisters, and the country, endured during the war. Passages note that the war “brought fear, terror, and desolation to all hearts”. Sisters had trouble “feeding our crowd of orphans” as well as themselves, and rationing made it even more difficult. As the war dragged on “many dear Sisters succumbed to the strain and broken down in health became confirmed invalids.”

Source: MCA C32 Collection, Mercy Congregational Archives, Sisters of Mercy Irish Congregation, Dublin, Ireland

Additional Information: © Mercy Congregational Archives