Sketches from SSJE Patients


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ID/Title: Sketches from SSJE Patients

Date: circa 1913-1918

Creator: Unknown SSJE Patient

Description: Sketches by unknown patients at the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth in London, England.

The management of pain and rehabilitation would have largely fallen to the Sisters at the hospital after the initial work of the doctors was done.  However, the ‘shell shock’ of men and trauma brought on by this new kind of World War, meant the role of the nurse was to deal with psychological as well as physical suffering. Many aspects of the sketches highlight the psychological struggles of the soldiers when faced with the conditions of the Great War.

Source: (GB1856/0/300/2/2/6) Union of the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain Archives

Additional Information: © Union of the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain