Letter from Lieut. J. W. Ryan



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ID/Title: Letter from Lieut. J. W. Ryan

Date: April 24, 1919

Creator: Lieut. J. W. Ryan

Description: Lieut. J. W. Ryan writing to a Sister of Mercy in Cincinnati. He speaks briefly about where he is stationed and the Army Forces located in France. He complains about the rat infestation in his camp.

He continues his letter by explaining a possible promotion to a Baggage Service Agent but he would rather be back home in the United States. He tells the story of how a rat ate through his brand new suit he had purchased the day before. On Easter Sunday he and another Officer rode to a local town to celebrate Mass.

Last he describes prominent places in every city and town in France; the city hall and the cathedral.

Source: Cincinnati Community Collection

Additional Information: © Mercy Heritage Center, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas